Since its beginning, the personal computer market has never been seen as a cheap sea, especially in its early days. Times surely changed though and today it’s easy to get a pretty solid machine even for the most ludicrous affordable sums.

If 300$ can appear as a really inadequate budget for a gaming system, you’ll soon understand that even with this kind of money it’s possible to enjoy some great titles and get the perfect gaming laptop costing under 300 bucks.

First of all, it’s important to get in the right mindset: despite not being hard to find overblown price tags and lying advertisements, most rates are honest to their value.

Believe it or not, components are not free, especially those belonging to the highest tiers. Reliable parts ask for long design and a careful production, while cheap members hide their flimsy construction behind a convenient smile.

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to find good gaming computers for inexpensive rates: the price of CPUs fell drastically over the years and the new one tend to be way more cost-effective than ever.

With the introduction of Intel Core i7s, their lighter cousins i5s saw a huge decrease in price, even with quad core models. The newer evolutions of processors (called Kaby Lake or 7th generation CPUs) retained basically the value of their predecessors while ramping their capabilities.

Technical evolutions spread over to the graphic department, a key for smooth gaming experiences. It took several years, but finally third-parties GPUs (more precisely those made Nvidia & AMD) are a common feature even for laptops.

Their dedicated memory gradually expanded and it’s not hard to find portable systems with 2 or 4GB or VRAM, aided greatly by the parallel increase of volatile memory.

Moreover, a clause needs to be done to those software houses which invest so much effort on optimization for under-powered systems; with not-so-many tears it’s possible to play the latest titles even on older machines, of course with graphical limitations.

If those shortcomings are not for you there are literally thousands of titles you can play: are you an old timer? You’ll be glad to know that all the games you loved are often compatible with newer platforms and in some cases run even smoother than before.

Are you looking for fresh adventures and intriguing novelties? Then the indie market will be your Promise Land, full of great gameplay and touching storylines.

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