After years of harvesting some hard earned cash you are finally able to spend them all on the latest gaming rig. If you’re fortunate enough you might even be able to have a few dollars left to buy some interesting accessories that will turn useful after hours and hours of sitting in front of a screen. No, we are not talking about food in this article.

Let’s start with a pretty obvious one, at least for racing game fanatics. You probably already wondered it hundreds of times, but how awesome would it be to really feel inside the car you’re driving on the virtual circuit?

There’s no way USB wheel can give you the same emotions, but it will definitely help with immersion and realism. Prices range from the ridiculous (50$ for the simplest device) to the absurd (more than a thousand for a cloth seat with gears and pedals).


If your desire is moving your hand while playing then look no forward than the Razer Hydra. Marketed as the first motion control system for PC, this device will surely put you through a different gaming experience. The extremely precise magnetic motion sensing gives you a range of control way more realistic than its competitors, being the perfect companion for VR headsets.

Speaking of which, we could easily do an entire article on virtual reality, but just for the sake of completion, we need to mention them here. If Oculus was the first of its kind, the market is slowly growing with other hardware options (HTC Vive for example) and, fortunately, some complete games to play.

Think about Resident Evil 7, for example; nobody would have thought to see such an important series tilt to such direction. Now you can be scared.

To feel completely inside a virtual world you also need an adequate sound system: Razer has recently released their first pair of omnidirectional loudspeakers called Ferox. Even if they look like a pair of binoculars, with 30$ each you’ll get an immersive 360° sound, connecting easily to your PC or any other device.

Last but not least how about a gaming projector? If you’re fortunate enough to have a free wall you can quickly set up an Optoma PT105 LED projector, giving you an extremely wide field of view.


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