What Should You Look For in a Gaming Monitor?

Spending hundreds of dollars on the latest graphics card will be useless if you don’t support it with a good enough monitor. Pretty similar to a television, a gaming display will be the physical place where all the rendered graphics are shown and even if it is sometimes undervalued, it can be as crucial as the other parts of a system.

The first spec you need to check is the maximum resolution: to this day all gaming monitors have a ratio of 16:9 (the almost squared 4:3 are relics of past generations) so vertical height and horizontal width will be … Click to read more

5 Gaming Accessories You Might Buy in 2017

After years of harvesting some hard earned cash you are finally able to spend them all on the latest gaming rig. If you’re fortunate enough you might even be able to have a few dollars left to buy some interesting accessories that will turn useful after hours and hours of sitting in front of a screen. No, we are not talking about food in this article.

Let’s start with a pretty obvious one, at least for racing game fanatics. You probably already wondered it hundreds of times, but how awesome would it be to really feel inside the car you’re … Click to read more

Are Gaming Laptops Under 300 Good in Quality?

Since its beginning, the personal computer market has never been seen as a cheap sea, especially in its early days. Times surely changed though and today it’s easy to get a pretty solid machine even for the most ludicrous affordable sums.

If 300$ can appear as a really inadequate budget for a gaming system, you’ll soon understand that even with this kind of money it’s possible to enjoy some great titles and get the perfect gaming laptop costing under 300 bucks.

First of all, it’s important to get in the right mindset: despite not being hard to find overblown … Click to read more